Bulk Flow Meter Calibration

Bulk Flow Meter Calibration

Without regular SGS Stanserv meter calibration a meter like any other measuring instrument will drift out of accuracy thereby impacting directly on business performance and profit margins.

NB:  Calibration is a statutory requirement if a bulk flow meter is to be used for trade purposes.

Once out of calibration a meter either overthrows that is delivering more product than it should at the meter owners cost, or under throws that is delivering less to the product recipient, both of which have a negative impact to both the meter/product owner and the public.

SGS Stanserv flow meter calibration is conducted by our experienced and qualified technicians using our assized prover tank or master meters.

To ensure conformance to regional and international standards for accuracy all SGS Stanserv prover tanks and master meters are independently assized annually by The Trade Measures Department of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.