Road/Rail Tanker Calibration

Road/Rail Tanker Calibration

SGS Stanserv  road/rail tanker calibration is achieved by the liquid calibration method using the flow metering technique.
SGS stanserv road tanker calibration only uses state of the art master meters, to ensure that the most precise calibration results are achieved. The master meters at our calibration bay are considered the "Rolls-Royce" of flow meters hence their use in the SGS Stanserv calibration process.

To ensure conformance and traceability SGS Stanserv equipment used for road/rail tank calibration is independently calibrated by an independent statutory board.

To guarantee accuracy and conformance a one-of-a-kind and high tech SGS Stanserv calibration software is used for all the complex and laborious calculations associated with road tanker calibration result output. Use of this software means that the chances of a mistake (mainly human error) occurring, that may cost a client thousands if not millions of dollars, is reduced to almost zero.

On completion of the road/rail tanker calibration process a customized calibration certificate also known as the dip chart is issued. Using the SGS Stanserv calibration certificate/dip chart the truck owner, driver, loading/offloading port officials or any other interested party may know the exact amount of product loaded/offloaded in the tanker at any given time during the road tankers operation (real time).

It should be noted that no SGS Stanserv calibration dip chart/table may be used without a SGS Stanserv dipstick, should the client use another dipstick SGS Stanserv will not be accountable for variances in dip readings (calibration results).

The SGS Stanserv calibration certificate is valid for two calendar years from date of calibration provided the truck and trailer combination is not changed.

Free training on procedure and correct use of the SGS Stanserv calibration certificates for most accurate results is given on request.