Underground Tank Calibration

Underground Tank Calibration

SGS Stanserv underground tank calibration is achieved by the liquid calibration method using the flow metering technique.

Fixed tank calibration is done on-site in line with international calibration standards.

To ensure total accuracy to the millimetre all underground tanks should have all the product removed, including tank bottom-age through a process known as tank thieving.  A combination of state of the art master meters, calibrated against our prover tank, and our high tech, one-of-a-kind SGS Stanserv calibration software are used to achieve the best underground tank calibration results. Use of the one-of-a-kind and high tech software means that the chances of a mistake (mainly human error) occurring, that may cost a client thousands if not millions of dollars, is reduced to almost zero.

On completion of the underground tank calibration process a customized calibration certificate also known as the dip chart is issued. The SGS Stanserv underground tank calibration certificate is valid for a fixed number of years from date of calibration based on relevant and current calibration standards, however this is on condition that there is no tank movement underground or tank disturbance in terms of positioning and lay out.

The calibration certificate or dip chart makes it possible for any interested party to know the exact amount of product loaded/offloaded and contained in the tank at any given time (real time).

It should be noted that no SGS Stanserv calibration dip chart/table may be used without a SGS Stanserv dipstick, should the client use another dipstick SGS Stanserv will not be accountable for variances in dip readings (calibration results).

Free training on procedure and correct use of the SGS Stanserv calibration certificates for most accurate results is given whilst the calibration process is being conducted.